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Shopping for a new car like the 2020 Hyundai Tuscon isn’t an easy process, especially nowadays. That’s why as your local Towson, MD Hyundai dealership, we want to give drivers in the area as many tools as possible to help with their car search. That’s why right now, we want to talk about a handy tool for everyone called the Edmunds True Market Value (TMV®) tool.

The best way to describe the tool is to quote Edmunds: “Edmunds True Market Value (TMV®) pricing is a powerful tool that helps you identify a good deal on a new or used car. Based on actual sales data, TMV is a guide to what other people in your area paid for the same car.”

Using the TMV tool is relatively simple. If you’re looking at a new car like the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, you can input the make, model, trim level, and other features to get valuable pieces of information, including the sticker price and what we paid for the car. This way, you’ll get an honest appraisal of the vehicle’s real value. 

The TMV tool also works for used or Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai models. Thanks to the handy appraisal tool, you can find out the rough value of your current vehicle and use it when selling your car towards the cost of your new one. 

Whatever your needs, using the Edmunds True Market Value tool is a fantastic way to see the correct cost of a new car and gather the exact value of your current vehicle. As your Towson, MD Hyundai dealership, we’ll honor the Edmunds TMV and continuously work to do everything we can to ensure that you are confident in your decision. So, for all your Hyundai needs, visit Heritage Hyundai Towson serving Baltimore, Parkville, and beyond, today.