How Often Should You Wash Your Hyundai?


Many drivers consider car washes an afterthought instead of an integral part of car maintenance...this belief is mistaken. At Heritage Hyundai Towson, your Hyundai dealers near Baltimore, we want to make sure everyone knows just how important a simple car wash can be to your vehicle. 

Looks Aren't Everything

There's more to a dirty car than just the visible manifestation of uncleanliness. The dirtier your car is the more chemicals from that dirt come into contact with your exterior, many of which having a corrosive effect. In fact, even you can't easily see dirt caked onto your paint job, those chemicals can still be doing damage.

How Often Is Often Enough

As will be discussed shortly, the specific amount of car washes your car needs is largely dependent on circumstance and can vary rather wildly from situation to situation. However, as a general rule, it's best not to let your car go too much longer than every other week without a wash.

Important Factors

We use the relatively vague term chemicals because, depending on where you are in the country, those chemicals can be any number of things. One of the most prevalent and harmful is salt. If your car is maintained in a salt-rich environment, you should wash it even more regularly. Washing it once a week should get the job done.

You can get by with few washes if you actively take preventative measures to protect your car from environmental elements. Even a garage can go a long way towards protecting your exterior as opposed to perpetual street parking.

To best take care of a great car like the 2018 Hyundai Elantra, consider having it waxed at least twice a year to increase its protection even more. At Heritage Hyundai Towson we hope your car serves you for years and years to come. You might be shocked at how much a regular wash can help make that a reality! 
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